Thursday, 3 January 2013

After applying lots of sunscreen we set off up the road. It was not a steep climb at this stage. Peter and Zoe were looking at some of the old baches while Gaal and I plodded up the road, since we are slower than they are. We were passing through lots of lava fields. I zoomed in on the board walk as we were going up. (Photo later of the lava fields and the board walk).

P & Z soon passed us and we kept going, in hot sunshine with little shade. Many people were passing us. Eventually we reached the board walk going up to the top. According to the map it is a 20 min walk up the board walk. Huh!!! The map also says there are about 300 steps. I can well believe that. At least we were in shade.

There were several places with good views, so a good excuse to stop and take photos.

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